Recruitment process

The Contract Labour Hire recruitment process

The Contract Labour Hire recruitment process

How the process works

1) Booking received from client.

2) Booking posted on online job boards, Jobcentre and social media. In-house database searched for suitable Candidates.

3) Candidate’s qualifications, references and eligibility to work in the UK checked, registration packs sent if required.

4) Final checks with Client and Candidates regarding hours of work and rates of pay etc.

5) Registration packs checked and added to in house system.

6) Confirmation of order received from Client and address for job given to Candidates.

7) Client/ Candidate called on first day to confirm attendance and to discuss any issues.

8) Follow up call made in 3-5 days to both client and candidate to maintain Client and Candidate relationship time sheet requested and processed for payment. Weekly check up calls made to Client and Candidate.