Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement:
Contract Labour Hire Ltd

Contract Labour Hire Limited (“CLH”) acknowledges that the service and provision it provides have very little direct impact on the environment, it is however the policy of CLH to reduce the overall impact of their business activities on the environment. The actions taken come under a number of headings which are outlined below.

Waste Minimisation and Management

For all waste streams and whenever possible, the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 are followed, and the waste hierarchy is applied to determine our controls:

  • Eliminate the creation of the waste
  • Reduce the creation of waste
  • Re-use waste products and materials
  • Re-cycle or recover waste products and materials
  • Responsibly dispose of waste.


CLH endeavours to hold telephone conferences whenever possible, rather than hold face-to-face meetings to reduce the impact of transportation to and from meetings on the environment.

Each year targets are set to minimise the number of miles travelled in CLH transport vehicles.

Office Environment

CLH uses energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible in all offices, and appliances are turned off overnight and when not in continuous use. The use of paper is considered for its effect on the environment, and all paper and card products are re-used or re-cycled.

Environmental Incidents

In the event of an environmental incident occurring, CLH will make every effort to contain the situation, control persons’ exposure to it and inform all relevant regulatory authorities of the incident.

Smaller incidents, such as fluorescent tube breakages, will be dealt with by trained CLH employees to minimise persons’ exposure and minimise contamination and environmental impact. Correct steps will be taken to clean up after the incident to minimise its effects.

CLH appreciates the importance of this commitment to protect the environment during day-to-day activities, and strives for continuous improvement, and will take all steps that lessons are learned if things should go wrong.

Signature for Contract Labour Hire Health and Safety
Cheryl Grieve

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